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Health & Wellness in West Seattle Bridge

Health & Wellness Services & Screening for Individuals

Health and wellness works a lot like automotive maintenance.

If the only time your vehicle makes it into the shop is when it breaks down, you’ll end up spending a lot more money and dealing with a broken car most of the time. But if you keep up on oil changes, fluid flushes, tire rotations and more, your car will not only run properly, but you will also spend less money in the long run.

Our bodies work the same way when it comes to our health. Making a priority to keep up to date with wellness screening will keep you “up and running” for the long haul.

ARCpoint Labs of West Seattle Bridge offers many wellness services that will help you prevent disease, stay healthy or catch a problem early so you can quickly receive proper treatment.

Telehealth Services

No more scheduling headaches, germy waiting rooms, or high-cost co-pays. With our telehealth services, we enable individuals to get cost-effective, convenient medical care — even prescriptions! — via phone or video conference with qualified and board-certified physicians.

Allergy & Insensitivity Testing

Suspect that an environmental or seasonal allergy is causing upper respiratory issues? Or could insensitivity to a food be making you fatigued, causing headaches, or making it hard to lose weight? A quick test can provide answers & relief!

Diet & Exercise

Wondering why your diet isn’t working? ARCpoint Labs of West Seattle Bridge offers a revolutionary new service, diet & exercise DNA testing for individuals and companies that want optimal health.

Take Charge of Your Wellness

Traditionally, people think that the only way to get well or get answers about their health is through a regular, in-person visit to the doctor. With advancements in technology, this is no longer the case.

At ARCpoint Labs of West Seattle Bridge, we empower you to prioritize your health on your own schedule. With our telehealth program, you can see a doctor wherever, whenever without having to make an appointment or even leave your home. Likewise, with our allergy and insensitivity testing, you can take charge of your health by ordering your own labwork — no appointment, insurance, or doctor’s orders necessary!


5 Million

Americans have food allergies (source)


of patients reported increased satisfaction with medical care due to telehealth (source)


of Americans live in rural regions without primary or specialized medical care (source)

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