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Health Risk Assessments in West Seattle Bridge

Health Risk Assessments (HRA) by ARCpoint Labs of West Seattle Bridge

Health Risk Assessments (HRA) aren’t sheets of paper that let your employees know if they’re at risk for certain diseases. While it is important for you (or your employees) to identify risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer among other disorders, an HRA can also help your organization’s long-term goals.

ARCpoint Labs of West Seattle Bridge nationwide can help you conduct Health Risk Assessments to improve your business. Learn more about how conducting an HRA can benefit your business by reading below, or locating your nearest ARCpoint Labs of West Seattle Bridge to discuss Health Risk Assessments!

Benefits of Health Risk Assessments:

  • Reduce your organization’s healthcare spending: With Health Risk Assessments, you can better understand which illnesses and injuries can be prevented, then encourage employees to take preventative measures, leading to decreased healthcare spending.
  • Increase productivity: Armed with the information from your HRA, your employees will make strides to improve their health. This will boost productivity by keeping employees healthier and prevent them from coming to work sick or calling in sick.
  • Track your ROI: Use Health Risk Assessments to build a baseline so that you can track your investment in corporate wellness and determine if it’s saved your money and/or improved health in your workplace.
  • Improve education: Use the HRA data to tailor lunch-and-learns, workshops and interventions for your workforce based on their unique health risks.
  • Attract better employees: Show your commitment to employee health by investing in Health Risk Assessments, and you’ll be able to recruit top talent and retain key employees through a healthy corporate culture.

Improve Your Corporate Wellness Program With Health Risk Assessments

Ready to implement Health Risk Assessments into your wellness programs? Contact your nearest ARCpoint Labs of West Seattle Bridge today to learn more about our Personal Wellness Profile© (PWP), our custom HRA. We can also help you implement Health Risk Assessments in your current wellness program show you additional ways to improve your workplace wellness initiatives.

Health risk assessments typically include a fasting blood draw or finger stick. Lab tests check your risks for the following:

  • Cardiovascular disease (high cholesterol and high blood pressure)
  • Diabetes (high blood sugar and body mass index)
  • Liver and kidney disease
  • Anemia
  • Blood, bone and muscle disease including certain types of cancer

Health risk assessments and a wellness-driven lifestyle can bring many expected and unexpected health benefits such as:

  • Catch disease early and treat it
  • Prevent sickness or disease by assessing risk and implementing steps for disease prevention
  • Save money on healthcare through early prevention
  • Control costs for drugs and treatments by being in control of your health
  • See results when monitoring your progress

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